Director’s Message

Mr. Yacoub DIABATE

Director of French Institute of Foreign Languages(FIFL)

Director’s word:


We see an immense social responsibility in shaping the society through the learning of foreign languages and so we seek to lay a foundation for a quality training centre for foreign languages, comprising of values besides academic excellence. Learning a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world. In this venture of ours, we bring you a striking balance of contemporary practices within the respected conventions of language training.

We are confident we would equip our students with clarity for making intelligent choices in career. While we make effective use of technological amenities for learning, we also remain committed to maintain an environment which encourages learning through direct experience and interaction. As we remain pledged to the noble profession of teaching and be in humble regard for the experienced who guide us, we grow while being in gratitude for those who have wished us well. We trust that our present endeavour of giving you French Institute of Foreign Languages, will answer your need for a balanced urban modern languages learning.