AUSBILDUNG: Do you know what it is?

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1. This Ausbildung program is a Dual Degree Program and very famous in Germany. It's a unique program sponsered by the German Government that offers to the candidates the opportunity to EARN while LEARNING.
2. Is Ausbildung only for German students?
No, the Ausbildung is open to German candidates as well as to all foreign aspiring to work and settle in Germany provided they have their B2 level in German language and aged below 35 years.
3. What are the sectors of activity:
We Europe Careers, our main partners in Germany are recruiting mainly for nursing , hotel management, IT, Mechatronics, Gastroenterology ...
4. How long does an Ausbildung program last?
An Ausbildung program lasts normally 3 years .

5. How do they trainees get paid during the training period? Where do they work during the training and after the training?
Trainees get up 1500€ /month during the 3 years of the training. Since the program is a vocational training program, hence candidates spend some weeks learning and some putting into practice in hospitals, Hotels, companies what they acquire theoretically. After the completion of the training and the practical part ,candidates receive their Degree and start working full-time in the same firms where they used to attend their training and earn up to 4500€- 5000€/ months.