FIFL trains its students in Japanese , N5, beginners’ level to N1 , advanced level. The courses are
designed according to the Japanese -Language Proficiency Test( JLPT).


What is JLPT?

JLPT is the Japanese -Language Proficiency Test which is a standardized criterion-referenced to
evaluante and certify Japanese language proficiency for non- native speakers, covering language
knowledge , reading ability , and listening ability.
The test is held twice a year in Japan and selected countries ( on the first Sunday of July and
December) , and once a year in other régions ( on the first Sunday of December).


What is the Importance of Learning Japanese Language in India?

In case you don’t know , India is very interested in improving its business relationship with Japan, which has the world’s second-largest economy. As per the servey, the software business of Japan is around US$80 billion which might touch US$100 billion in a time span of three years. Currenly, India holds hardly 3% of its software business in Japan.
In coming years, India is looking forward to establish a strong bond with Japan by facilitating the  adequate number of IT skilled professionals. If estimations are to be made, Japan would need nearly 2,50, 000 skilled professionals every year from India worth to meet its current demand.

FIFL - Japanese-JLPT-Levels


is the level of discovery of the Japanese language. Students can understand and use familiar everyday expressions they will be able to communicate with Japanese using simple conversation and will also be able to Read and Write simple Japanese sentences.


is the second level of Japanese language at this level , students will be able to communicate with Japanese in Daily Life and will also be able to work in Japanese companies with the support of Japanese Collegues.


students reached the intermediate level of the Japanese language . They can communicate with Japanese in Daily Life and also be able to work in Japanese companies more natural way.


students Will be able to master most expressions necessary for Daily Life and will also be able to handle translation and interpretation.


is the advanced level of Japanese language. Here , studentsWill be able to read Japanese newspapers and understand TV news, and will also be able to handle more advanced translation and interpretation.

FIFL - Japanese Batches

Batch Schedule – 2020


Private Group Private Group
LEVEL N5 50 Hours 40 – 50 Hours ₹ 25, 000 ₹ 17, 000 Enquire
LEVEL  N4 50 Hours 50 – 60 Hours ₹ 28, 000 ₹ 19, 000 Enquire
LEVEL  N3 60 Hours 70 – 80 Hours ₹ 32, 000 ₹ 22, 000 Enquire
LEVEL  N2 70 Hours 90 – 100 Hours ₹ 38, 000 ₹ 20, 000 Enquire
LEVEL N1 80 Hours 100 – 120 Hours ₹ 45, 000 Enquire
SLOTS Weekdays: 08am-10am 10am-12pm 12:pm-02pm 02pm-04pm 04pm-04pm 06pm-08pm
Weekends: 08am-11am 11am-02pm 02:pm-05pm 05pm-08pm

FIFL reserves the right to make changes in the above batch schedules.

– We also periodically schedule doubt clearing classes for the classroom course students.


  • All Japanese batches are “On going” program.
  • Students can join at any point of time and continue..
  • Students are welcome to attend free trial classes if required.
  • Target Audience :  College Students, Working people & Job seekers.