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FIFL has made the Mandarin learning easier than it has never been before.
We train our students to speak and to listen first before training them to read and to write
The language comprises four levels, beginners’level , intermadiate, uper-intermediate and
hadvanced level. Our Mandarin trainers are really professional.


What is the future of Mandarin Chinese in India?

Learning Mandarin Chinese in India is key to success in the Job Market. Through learning Chinese, you can transform Yourself from a low value employee into somebody who is critical, essential to the success of a project in China, thereby making Yourself a very attractive and potential hire.
In addition, China is known as the world’s factory.

FIFL - Chinese mandarin

What does it mean?

It means , China is considered to be an essential and an unvoidable market for the rest of the world. And , the illustration is almost all companies throughout the world are dealing with China in terms of manufacturing. We, at FIFL , we motivante and encourage our students to learn this important language which is Chinese. We have trainers who are professionnal and ready to make the Mandarin Chinese laerning a fun.

Call us now to book a demo class in Mandarin Chinese with one our trainers! FIFL team inspires learning…

FIFL - Chinese | Mandarin Batches

Batch Schedule – 2020


Private Group Private Group
Mandarin LEVEL 1 [A1] 50 Hours 40 Hours ₹ 25, 000 ₹ 17, 000 Enquire
Mandarin LEVEL 2 [A2] 50 Hours 50 – 60 Hours ₹ 28, 000 ₹ 19, 000 Enquire
Mandarin LEVEL 3 [B1] 60 Hours 70 – 80 Hours ₹ 32, 000 ₹ 23, 000 Enquire
Mandarin LEVEL 4 [B2] 80 Hours 90 – 100 Hours ₹ 39, 000 Enquire
Mandarin LEVEL 5&6 [C1&C2] 80 Hours 100 – 120 Hours ₹ 48, 000 Enquire
SLOTS Weekdays: 08am-10am 10am-12pm 12:pm-02pm 02pm-04pm 04pm-04pm 06pm-08pm
Weekends: 08am-11am 11am-02pm 02:pm-05pm 05pm-08pm

FIFL reserves the right to make changes in the above batch schedules.

– We also periodically schedule doubt clearing classes for the classroom course students.


  • All Mandarin batches are “On going” program.
  • Students can join at any point of time and continue..
  • Students are welcome to attend free trial classes if required.
  • Target Audience :  College Students, Working people & Job seekers.