Medical PG Specialisation Course in German

Medical PG specialisation course in Germany:

1. Eligibility: MBBS/ BDS/ BPT....
2. Program modules:
Getting trained in German language : A1 to B1 in India , and B2, C1 in Germany.
-Getting trained for the FSP( Medical terminology courses) preparatory course in Germany.
-Start working as a junior Doctor for the FSP exam. Get prepared for the KP exam.
- Getting trained to pass the KP exam that leads to the approbation or to the licence to work as an independent Doctor in Germany or anywhere in this world.
-Receiving the Specialisation PG Degree after getting the licence.
3. What is the FSP?
FSP for medical doctors is relevant for all foreign doctors who have not studied in Germany. As a rule, foreign physicians have to take an FSP in medicine in the course of the licensing procedure. The FSP will be the permission to foreign physicians to practice temporary as a junior Doctor under a German senior Doctor. The exam for FSP lasts 1 hr. After the FSP, the the foreign Doctors start working as junior Doctors and get paid up 5000€/month+ the extra hours duty payment.
4. What is the KP?
The KP verifies whether the specialist knowledge of the foreign Doctors is comparable with German standard. The contents of German course of study are used as a comparaison. The focus of KP is on the subjects of internal medicine and surgery. In addition, interdisciplinary questions on emergency medicine, clinical pharmacology/ pharmacotherapy imaging procedures , radiotion protection or legal issues of medicine are asked.
5. After the licence/ approbation and the Medical PG, foreign Doctors get paid up to 13k€/ month and are recognised are international physicians and can work wherever they want...