Nursing JOB in German for all Foreign Nurses

Nursing jobs in Germany for all foreign nurses:

1. Eligibility criterias : Bsc i/ GNM / ANM / MSC in nursing or any Diploma of at least 1 year in nursing studies. Along with that, the candidate must be below 42 years old .
2. Our services and advantages to work as a nurse in Germany:
- Training in German language ( A1 to B1) for 5 to 7 months from the home country of the candidate), getting them a contract from Germany+ a work visa. Flight ticket for only Indian nurses
3. When the candidates reach Germany: They are received by Europe Careers team in Germany.They start working as junior nurses while pursuing their B2 and FSP preparatory course. Their starting Salary: 3700€/ month.They all get 6 months free accommodation. After 3 months, they working as recognised nurses in German hospitals and earn up to 4500€/month.
4 . Other advantages: Paid vacation, paid maternity leaves, child 's allowance (250€/month/child). Dependent visas for relatives . Citizenship after 5 years.
5. Why Germany is a golden opportunity for foreign nurses?
Just this: It is the country with the largest shortage of nurses in Europe. In fact,the German embassy said that the demand for nurses could reach 200.000 over the next 10 years....